Bad Tenant Tuesday Hoarders Edition!

More than likely you have come across the television show Hoarders, which is a property manager nightmare! Here is a youtube video of a owner that had his property rented to someone for 12 years. She then lost her job and couldn’t pay rent so he had to evict her. His worst nightmare came true when he walked in the house you wouldn’t believe what he found!

Here at All County Alamo Property Management we strive to keep our customer properties in top shape by doing a drive by inspection monthly and annual interior inspections. We want to make sure your properties are being treated the way we would treat our home if we owned it.

We also visit the home weekly while it is vacant to make sure it is in tip top shape for showings.

Check out this video we don’t want your worst nightmare to happen like this!

Thursday Thoughts About Property Management!

Thursday Thoughts About Property Management!

Long-term savings

The vigilance of a property manager who keeps your property and its tenants under scrutiny assures that you’ll get the highest return out of both. The money saved by having a dedicated set of eyes and hands keeping repair issues from turning into major expenses and poor tenants from occupying your rental can be significant over time.

We want to make sure you get every penny you can out of your rental property!

Bad Tenant Tuesday!

Its Bad Tenant Tuesday! This story will blow your mind, you don’t always realize there is a ripple effect when it comes to dealing with tenants and your properties. This is why it is important to let a property manager handle this situations for you!

“I spent $4,000.00 putting new kitchen cabinets in a rental, the tenants liked them so much when their lease was up they took them with them, I had my attorney write them a letter threatening to charge them with theft if they did not return them, two days later my attorney found them thrown through his office window. He had them arrested then sent me the invoice $90.00 for the letter he wrote and an additional $1,600.00 for the windows, I hired another attorney to dispute the $1,600.00 invoice for the broken windows that I was being billed for my first attorney became enraged by this and shot out my truck window, He went to jail also now my ex-tenants and my ex-attorney are on probation with attorney fees and replacement cabinets the whole deal cost me $12,000.00 more than I will make off of the house in two years.”

We can make sure you don’t have this problem, we will stop the ripple effect and make sure all the money is going into your pocket!

Thursday Thoughts about Property Management

Its Thursday Thoughts about Property Management!

Today our thought is about Tenant interface:

A property manager can also perform a task that many landlords would rather avoid — dealing directly with tenants. The manager can field all complaints, handle issues and maintenance calls, and collect rent. Since they are hired to interface so closely with the property and its occupants, they can easily identify any problems with late rent payment or lease violations so that appropriate action can be taken.

So avoid having to handle tenants and let us do it for you!