Don’t Just look out for Bad Tenants! Bad Landlords Exist Too!

So normally one Bad Tenant Tuesday we talk about how bad the renter is. Well today we are going to talk from the tenants perspective and about bad landlords!

Here’s an example of a lazy landlord:

“Shortly after Christmas one year, we had a fire in the ceiling — started by the fireplace in the apartment above us. An ILLEGAL fireplace. The end result was a HUGE hole in our ceiling for about four months while the landlord got around to fixing it. His excuse was that he couldn’t get anyone to come in the middle of winter. Meanwhile, we lived with this horrid hole and pretty much lived with the people upstairs since you could see right up there and there was no noise barrier.”

Having a good landlord is just as important for your home as a good tenant! We will make sure your renters are taken care of, and your house is taken care of. We are on call 24/7 for these types of emergencies!