Hiring a Property Manager Week 1

Its Thursday! Like always we are going to share our Thursday Thoughts about property management.

Over the next few weeks, we will talk about hiring a skilled property manager! If you own one or several rental homes or apartments, the care and maintenance required is time-consuming, to say the least! Hiring a reliable property manager can help take the burden of management away, leaving you time to enjoy the benefits provided by your investment. Today we will talk about the property manager being licensed, the management fee, and references.

At All County Alamo all of our offices are operated by licensed property managers. “Licensed” means that this person has taken an approved property management course and passed a state licensing exam. Most importantly, the licensed property manager will have a state-regulated procedure in place for handling your rental income and security deposits. Not only is it good that they should be licensed they should also be affiliated with the local Realtor boards and property management associations. Here in San Antonio, we are affiliated with San Antonio Board of Realtor s, National association of Residential Property Managers, and the San Antonio Apartment Association. You always want to make sure your property managers are accredited and up to date.

Management fees are the next thing you want to ask about when inquiring the services of a property manager. Make sure they are far and they have open door policy, you don’t want to be charged for every little thing. Open door policy meaning, full disclosure of all the bills and services done on your home is very important. We don’t want them to over charge you for something. We make sure everything is at your finger tips with our online portal.

References are very important also! Ask for them, if they aren’t willing to give you any then that means something smells a little fishy! You can also drive by any of their current properties and see how well they enforce neatness on their tenants. This also shows how well they chose a responsible tenant for a property.

Next Thursday we will talk about property inspections, evictions, and repairs/maintenance.