Customer Service Philosophy

I was asked once, “What does customer service mean to you?” This is a very good question. I have been in the customer service field ever since I was old enough to help clean a family owned restaurant, and I have always found that the best philosophy for customer service is to make sure your customer leaves with a smile on their face. If they aren’t smiling when they walk out the door or if they don’t thank you when you hang up the phone, you haven’t done your job properly as a customer service representative.

Every role in every company is linked to being a customer service representative. It is where most of us start in your careers, and it never really ends. We are always here to please the customer and help them to the best of our ability. No matter what position we may rise to in our lives, we will always be there to help the customer in any way possible, even if that includes not speaking to them directly.

My top 3 rules for great customer service are Be Cheerful, Be Genuine, and Be Courteous.

Be Cheerful: Remember “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar!” If you answer the phone with a smile on your face, and I mean this literally, you are automatically going to sound cheerful. Try putting a mirror at your desk and check that you are smiling when you pick that phone up! It will set a great tone for the whole phone call. Generally when you are in a great mood, the customer will be as well. And if your customer is in a bad mood, this can help to pull them out of it so you can assist them to the best of your ability!

Be Genuine: Don’t be the run of the mill customer service representative. Actually care! The customer cannot help that they are having this issue most of the time, and though they may be frustrated or angry, they really just want/need someone to help them. That someone is you! When you genuinely care about the customer and helping them in any way you are able to, it helps give them the reassurance that you are, in fact, there for them!

Be Courteous: Don’t interrupt the customer! If you have an angry customer and they are yelling at you, sometimes it is actually most helpful to just let them get it all out. You are the person they have called to fix the issue and you are the person they need to vent their issue to. Yes, sometimes it gets hard to know that you may or may not have been the cause of their frustration, but it is still your job as a customer service representative to be there for them and to help them in any way you can. Remember, if the shoe was on the other foot, you would want someone to listen to your issues and assist you in fixing them.

When you have helped the customer, they should ALWAYS be smiling and give you a big thank you, even if they came to you screaming. Do what you can to make sure the customer is happy and you will he happy in return!