CPS Energy Savings – Cool Energy Program

Did you know there is a way to save on your CPS bill that doesn’t include sweating because you have to keep your ac set to 78degrees?

SWEAT NO MORE! The CPS Cool Energy Program is a free program available to all CPS customers. It allows you to connect your window air conditioning units to your Wi-Fi so you can control them with an app on your phones or computers.

This allows you to have your window units on while you are home, but turning them off when you leave without having the house feel like a sauna when you come home from a long, hard day of work. You will be able to turn the units on from the app in time to cool the home off for you when you walk through the door!

This changes everything! You don’t have to choose between coming home to a hot, hot house and a high energy bill!

You will also receive a $30 credit on your bill at the end of the summer, on top of the savings you will already receive from being able to control your window units from your phone or computer!

Help San Antonio reduce energy use and help your community, as well as your wallet.

Sign up at http://coolenergyprogram.com/