Importance of Regular Home Inspections

One of the great services offered to tenants, owners and property managers is the On Site PROS Inspection. This is a company who goes out and inspects every inch of the home and gives a very detailed report with photos on every repair that is needed at the home.

How this helps a tenant:
This helps the tenant moving in by listing the exact condition of the home at the time of move in so that at time of move out you are not reliable for any of the repairs that were possibly needed before you moved in. Protect yourself and have one of these done each time you move into a new rental home.

How this helps an owner:
This helps the owner of the home by helping determine what is a tenant responsibility and what is owner responsibility. If a tenant moves out of a home and there is damage caused, you can possibly back charge that tenant’s security deposit for those repairs!

How this helps a property manager:
This helps the property manager by telling you the exact condition of the home and relaying it to either the tenant or the owner with great clarity. You will have the pictures and report to help assign for repairs. It will also help you determine who to bill for those repairs!

Be sure to protect yourself, whether you are the tenant, owner, or property manager, and have an On Site PROS Inspection done of your home regularly.