With A Little Nip In The Air: Ways to Stay Safe This Winter Season

Keeping ourselves warm on these unexpectedly cold San Antonio nights is priority number one. Here at All County Alamo, we want to keep you and your family safe with these tips and precautions for using your fireplaces, and heaters this winter.

Having a fire going can be beneficial. Not only does it keep your electric bill from being sky-high, it also provides a nice ambiance for the cold winter nights. A few tips to fire safety in regards to a fireplace can not only save you money, but also lives.

1. Make sure the flue is clean of debris, and the smoke has a way to travel out of the home. Very “Mary Poppins” in nature, you can hire a chimney sweep service to come out and clean the chimney area of all matter of rubbish.
2. Install a screen for the fireplace opening. Not only does it add a bit of ornamentation to the living room, it also prevents sparks and embers coming out of the fireplace. It’s also serves as a barrier from any curious kiddos and pets roaming around.
3. Do not use any kind of accelerant to start a fire. Firestarter logs already have a safe amount of chemicals to aide in starting a fire. Use of additional accelerants can cause an unstable fire that is potentially dangerous.

Remember to exercise common sense when using any type of supplementary heating devices. Don’t drape blankets over space heaters, or go to sleep with a fire burning. Make sure to keep any space heaters away from sources of water, and don’t overload circuits; use an extension cord of necessary.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning is a very serious issue. Over 10,000 incidents, and over 200 people in the US have been victims of this, caused by poor venting of the harmful gases the heating system produces. It is very important to make sure your chimney system has routine inspections and is clear of any blockages.
It’s a good idea to invest in some CO detectors around the home. This can be placed in outlets around the home, giving coverage to all rooms in the house. These are designated to emit an alarm before the CO levels in the home reach a dangerous level.
Keeping your family safe during the winter is high priority. By following these few tips, you’ll be well on your way to a nice, warm, and happy winter season.